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Miniskirts at Ascot


cute girl in a pink minidress

At Ascot England our cousins are deep in the four-day race meeting which is by way of being not so much a contest among horses as a fashion parade. It was only natural, therefore, that the miniskirt . . . which I believe was born among the British Mod and nourished to its highest — and I do mean highest — flower . . . would come under close scrutiny. I am able to report that the miniskirt was much in evidence or the limb beneath. It was inevitable, I suppose, but it might have asked more of a Gambit on the part of the wearer if it hadn’t been for the fact that Prince Philip had lately declared himself as approving the Mini. That somehow makes it all right. And so there they were, in varying shortitudes, on all sides. By way of keeping the balance, the men at Ascot - it is gratifying to note - adhered to orthodoxy. The gray topper, the wide tie, the cutaway coat, and striped or checked trousers were the uniform of the day.

This is no particular credit to the men. It’s just that, like the cat, men have found a totally satisfactory condition and why change? The reports from Ascot give about two and a half lines to Parbury winning the Gold Cup and two and a half columns to who wore what. Only one 18 year-old girl was refused admission on grounds of costume. The daughter of a business man from India was turned away from the Royal Enclosure because she was wearing what was described as a short short shocking pink miniskirt. She was philosophic about it. “Maybe the skirt IS too short,” she said. “I’m not sure if you would call it a miniskirt or a maxisweater."

And that’s how maxims are born. If any doubts have been entertained as to the full acceptance of the miniskirt they are now dissolved. No greater sanction hath style than that it be approved by a member of the Royal household and that it appeareth without stay at Ascot.