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G.I. Bride-Groom

Date Unknown. Probably early, 1946

This one might come under the heading of “Man bites dog”.

The feature sections of the paper were large again with accounts of more arrivals of G.I. Brides and I wish them all a merry matrimony. But here’s the case of a poor bloke who is being left out of the discussion altogether.

He’s a G.I. Bridegroom . . . . or no . . . that’s not right.

He’s the groom of a G.I. Bride. His name is Thomas Thompson and he wrote a severe letter to the Sunday Chronicle in London bemoaning his neglected lot. Three years ago he married a WAC in England and he’s been trying ever since to get over here to join her. The immigration authorities slow him up by demanding proof that he won’t become a public charge.

Well, I think it’s only fair to stump for Mr. Thompson. Everything’s being done for the G.I. Brides . . . How about a hand to the lone G.I. Bridegroom?

* * * *

Here’s an ingenious yarn out of Freemont, West Virginia about an Army Sergeant who faced that problem of having no room to hang his hat.

Recruiting Sergeant B. P. Baier went to Freemont to drum up some enlistments and found that even in Freemont, the housing shortage was the main topic of the day. But that didn’t stop our three-striper. He looked around and his eyes fell on a likely looking youngster by the name of Jack Horner. Jack was an eighteen-year-older who looked like a good prospect for Uncle Samuel.

I don’t know what the sergeant told Homer, but it must have been good because at the end of an animated conversation, Homer was enrolled in the Army of the United States . . . and . . . I guess you guessed it . . . Sergeant Baier rented Horner’s room. Brother . . . that’s salesmanship!