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Alan Scott

December 18, 1909-January 21, 1978

Uncle "Scott"

I have wonderful memories of my uncle. He was such a handsome, intelligent, and articulate man. My mother adored all of her older brothers and I know she had a special place in her heart for her big brother "Al". When I was very little, I somehow decided to call him "Uncle Scott." debby baratz, niece

I don't know why, because I can't remember anyone else calling him Scott. Anyway, we were at your house one day and he very gently pulled me aside and quietly asked if I would mind calling him "Uncle Alan" like the other cousins did. I think it stuck in my mind because I was a very shy child. If he had mentioned this in front of the rest of the family, I would have been mortified. He must have sensed that and so it was a private moment for just the two of us. He was so gentle and thoughtful.

Debby (Wolfe) Baratz, Cherry Hill, NJ (Niece)