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Alan Scott

December 18, 1909-January 21, 1978

December 18th. 2009

To Pop

Dearest Pop,
If you were here today we would be celebrating the 100th year of your life together, but since you are somewhere gone beyond I will ethereally send this on to you from my heart. How shall I express the depth and meaning - the gratitude you instilled in me during our all too brief connection? I should start by telling you that you really were the first gentle man I ever knew. As a shy 18 year old I came unexpectedly into your life, and you bestowed on me only grace with elegance, kindness and tenacious humor. I fondly remember how you patiently took the time to teach me to speak correct English. You probably have no idea how that shaped my life and gave me my love of communication and reading. You always encouraged me to reach higher, even though at the time we had different interpretations of what that meant, and thank you Pop for your tolerance.

cindy may, daughter in law

Looking back, I am sorry that I wasn't mature when we knew each other, because you were such a grand person and my vantage point was so small. You were the first person to ever praise me for playing the piano, so I spent hours playing yours without hesitation, and God knows my love of piano has followed me throughout my life. I don't think you realized that you were the first Pop I ever had, and Beam my first Mother. I miss you and I love you dearly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the generosity, wisdom, and loving care you so freely gave.

With Love

Cyndy May, Santa Cruz, CA (Daughter-in law)