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Perhaps It’s News

By Cecil Pennyfeather

When Radiorator Alan Scott, who recently returned to WCA airlines, sat with Magistrate Biff Biefel in Traffic Court to get some color material for his broadcasts, he didn’t expect to become a participant in a wedding ceremony. Unromantic traffic hearings were interrupted by a lad and lass bubbling with nuptial joy. So hanky-panky were the prospective newlywed, they forgot to bring along witnesses. Scott and State Representative Anna Brancato were best man and bridesmaid.

-The Philadelphia Inquirer (1930s, exact date unknown)

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dora and issac schwartz, scott's grandparents sonia and joel schwartz, scott's parents scott and his young siblings
scott with his siblings article on alan's high school graduation wedding photo with wife Maralene Bielen
scott with his young sons scott with  his daughter scott with  his daughter and granddaughter