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Our Hat's Off Dept:

Alan Scott's breezy "Once Over Lightly" Mutual Broadcasting Program will get an added audience when WOR starts airing him Tuesday nites starting on the 13th.

-Radio Daily (The National Daily Newspaper of Commercial Radio and Television) Wed. August 7, 1946

There is much on this site about Alan Scott’s life, what he did, where he went and the family he loved. I believe, though, that the heart of Alan Scott, who he was, lies in these scripts. Every one of them a personal essay, written by his hand, through his lense and broadcast, with nothing but his words and his voice to convey to whomever was listening. A writing practice, if you will, like the blog of today, that he consistently built of pieces of himself.

Keep in mind, these scripts, some of which are over 60 years, must be edited as well as scanned. The manual typewriter of the time, from which they came, often missed key strokes, and if you wanted to change something, you typed XXX over it. A computer of the today doesn’t quite know what to do with that. Penciled in changes make it further scratch its memory head. While some of the references may be out of date, the concepts are surprisingly familiar.

Apparently at one time he was compiling a selection to be published, as is apparent from his Introduction to the collection (see below.) Perhaps one day these will find their way into print. Until then, this is the only archive. Please bear with us as we keep at this project of moving the scripts from their yellowing paper into the digital age. It is a long process, but one that we feel is worthwhile in preserving the memory of this man.

And now, without further ado, may I present to you, in his own words, Alan Scott.

(--Alexandra "Amy" Scott-Coulter)