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Alan Scott

December 18, 1909-January 21, 1978

Audio Clips

Because most of Alan Scott's broadcasts were done live, there are very few recorded versions in existence.

A Plea on Behalf of an Abandoned Baby: Feb. 22, 1939

This recording was referred to in an article that appeared in the Philadelphia newspaper on February 23, 1939. "If the mother who abandoned her 5-week-old baby boy Wednesday was listening last night at 7:07 to WCAU, she heard a dramatic program offering her baby back, friendly help for them both—and no questions asked."

This recording was provided by Gerry Wilkinson of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia. It had been lost for 76 years.

The 11th Hour: November 11th, 1934

This commentary was delivered on Armistice Day (now Veterans Day) 1934. It is Scott's scathing condemnation of what he considered an inappropriate glorification of the sacrifice of those who lost their lives in the Great War (WW I). The collection of two 78 RPM vinyl records was in the possession of his brother Sam and his nephew, Joe, for 80 years.

Heart of the News: March 29, 1942

This commentary on the ominous war news that cast a continual shadow over American life has lain in the archives of the Library of Congress since World War II.

Once Over Lightly: March 6, 1946

This extremely rare recording was discovered in the holdings of Radio Gold Index. It is listed as follows: "Catalog 19190. Mutual net. Sustaining. Alan Scott with a humorous commentary on the day's events. The Navy has sold a genuine hole in the ground. A good radio idea."

Scott's First Interview

This recording was taken from a home-made 78rpm vinyl record that was discovered in a family archive. The quality is very poor, but it is the voice of Alan interviewing his young sister, Mitzi, about her interests at school.